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Finding Standardization in Industry Transformation and what next!

Digital transformation, regulatory transformation, Evidence, and toxicology CenterStage, trade channels harmonizations, HSN codes alignments, Investors newfound interest in Nutraceuticals and the mission of $100 billion Nutraceutical India. There is lot of evolving that is catalyzing transformation of global nutraceutical industry particularly the new attraction on the bloc: India.
With India being new attraction on the Block in the world of nutraceuticals, we at NutrifyToday found it apt to choose the gateway to India as a landmark destination for holding the business meet that’s as important as the iconic destination- The Gateway of India. The venue remains to be iconic The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, India. This is an iconic venue in India that has hosted global alliances meets, the landmark agreements and more. Nutraceutical Industry is unfolding much faster in our times, and it has all the potential to surpass USD 1 trillion mark globally. This calls for industry stake holder leaders meeting to draw a path to:

1. Harmonized business and trade corridors for expedited growth
2. Investments
3. Regulatory harmonization
4. IT applications
5. Evidence generation standards and Toxicology

Nutrify C Suite Summit has evolved since 2022 and it’s on a mission to catalyze Responsible Nutraceutical Industry growth. As it is evolving to the purpose, we even have gone ahead and changed the name to NUTRIFY C SUITE SUMFLEX 2024 Sumflex is a coined terminology to reflect the spirit of evolution and transformation in the Nutraceutical Industry. SUMFLEX stands for Flexible Summit. It will take shape as per the market dynamics and catalyze growth. With SUMFLEX at heart, the Nutrify C Suite is converging its precision Intelligence engine Nutrify Genie to assist the industry throughout the year in responsible nutraceutical new product development, sourcing and compliance to regulatory, evidence standards, ethical sourcing, and ease of trade access in 11 countries.
On 6th and 7th of June 2024 when the Nutraceutical world converges to Nutrify C Suite Sumflex at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, we shall review the progress made throughout the year and address missing gaps in building larger opportunities for the industry stakeholders.
Dear C Suite executives of Industry stakeholders in manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, regulators, and medical professionals, you are invited to this landmark iconic meeting that’s driving a new wave in responsible nutraceutical business worldwide.

The summit is 80% BY INVITE ONLY to ensure that the larger agenda towards the purpose is achieved. 20% of access is by bookings and that’s to encourage fresh ideas, new entrants, and start-ups.

Nutrify C-Suite SUMFLEX

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Industry Overview

"The global nutraceuticals market size was valued at USD 417.66 billion in
2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of
8.9% from 2020 to 2028."

The Nutraceuticals market is expected to witness consistent growth following the outbreak of COVID-19, the rising demand for nutraceuticals ingredients with health and wellness benefits, along with the growing demand for dietary supplements and functional foods, is expected to be a key driving factor for the global market over the forecasted period.

This year’s theme is The Latin and North American Nexus. This is an interesting angle to Nutrify Today’s C-suite Summit 2023. The summit will enable multi countries business deal convergence between Latin, and North American players. The summit will also place a Latin (USD 20 billion) and North American (USD 260 billion) market in-sighting at the Plenary Hall.

Next edition of C-Suite Summit expect to create business highways to interconnect countries with harmonized market access and democratize access to small to mid-sized nutraceutical industries in these countries. The harmonized access shall also catalyze the nutraceutical business at double the rate of growth that currently exists.

India Nutraceuticals Market

India has capacity to add the delta to global nutraceutical growth from 8.9% to 12%. Nutritionals/Dietary Supplements/ Nutraceuticals moment is here and it’s going to get bigger with time. India is now the new market on the block which is slated to zoom from USD 8 billion to USD 100 Billion by 2030. India also has an edge of 52 agro climatic zones to tap best of phyto spectrum, A library of Ayurveda plant resources, largest number of GMP compliant nutraceutical contract manufacturing companies, good domestic supply chain system for Indian go to market.
India has all the potential to be the Asian nutraceutical Highway with USA. APAC has advantage with India to be the fastest growing nutraceutical market in the world, while it also is a hub for US high way to nutraceuticals. US companies have advantage with India as it’s the gold mine of:

  • Phyto resources upwards of 1700 actively traded medicinal plants–Assured more success stories like Curcumin, and Ashwagandha.
  • Largest hub of GMP certified contract manufacturing.
  • Largest hub of clinical trials.


What They Say


Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood
Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

“I’m delighted to be part of Nutrify Today C-Suite Summit and happy to see the global participation in the summit. India now has a Nutraceutical Task force created in 2021 under chairmanship of PSA office, there was a need for proactive industry participation and powerful catalyst like Nutrify Today. I’ll like to see emergence of unicorns in the nutraceuticals sector and I’m sure it is coming and we would be delighted to see in the next summit, India has already become the pharmacy of the world and I look forward to India becoming global capital of wellness and nutraceuticals. We look forward to 100 billion dollar Indian Nutraceutical Industry by 2030, Nutrify Today C-Suite Summit will go a long way to achieve that dream.”


Eric Caston
General Manager, Asia-Pacific-Oceania Business Division, Fuji Chemical Industries Co. Ltd.

“I thought the C-Suite Summit was an excellent event, a great combination of networking, educational presentations, and real business opportunities. I was impressed by the strong support for the event shown by the Indian government, which has clearly been prioritizing the growth of the nutraceutical industry in recent years. Attendees were are good mix of major Indian companies and overseas players. I was especially inspired by the companies in the innovation challenge and would love to see an expansion of that part of the event. Fuji Chemical Industries was proud to be one of the sponsors of the event and we look forward to participating in future events organized by Nutrify Today.”


Dr. Kalpana Bhaskaran
Head, Centre for Applied Nutrition Services Glycemic Index Research Unit School of Applied Science Temasek Polytechnic

“Nutra C-Suite Summit 2022 was remarkably well organized and had a great mix of higher level talks from government representatives and industry leaders. In addition, the event established more practical, actionable insights and learnings from the delegates to guide the nutraceutical industry. A fantastic networking experience indeed at a historic landmark that provided the attendees greater reach and visibility.”


Salman Mehkri
BD-Head, Bio-gen Extracts

“It was a pleasure and a wonderful experience to be the Nutraceutical Innovation Partner at the inaugural Nutrify C-Suite Summit. The event was very well organized, with relevant speaking sessions and panel discussions, and is a very promising start to achieving the USD 100B target for the growing Indian Nutraceutical market. This platform will serve as a tremendous opportunity in positioning India as one of the leading hubs in innovation, collaboration and scientific validation, thereby bringing value to the consumers. We look forward to being part of and contributing to the summit next year.”


Md Abul Hasnat
Chief Executive Officer Alchem Enterprise

“C-Suite Summit was an excellent platform to bring all the key peoples together from Nutra Industry across the region. It was not only the talk rather we have seen how participants are going to take it forward & what could be the outcomes. It was a flawless event & Mr. Amit just made it like what it should be at best.”


Sarah Fragar
Principal, SEAR Consulting, Australia

“Nutrify Today C Suite Summit brought together a highly influential industry community, attracting key executives from a multitude of international markets and delivered an inspired event with energy, wonderful atmosphere and opportunity. It was a pleasure to chair the event and work alongside the highly professional Nutrify Today team. I look forward to next year!”


Dr. Rolf Smeets
Managing Director Dutch Medical Foods, Netherlands

“I was coming to the event not knowing what to expect. The organization was super professional regarding program, venue and logistics. But I was really impressed and surprised by the level of entrepreneurial energy from all the participants.”


"In Access to innovative & high-quality medical nutrition is a focus area for India. Our co-founder & managing director Dr. Rolf Smeets was invited to give a talk about medical foods at NUTRIFY C-SUITE SUMMIT 2022 in Mumbai. Dutch Medical Food is committed to making high-quality personalized medical nutrition accessible to patients in Asia."


Director, Health, RTI International India

“Had an opportunity to present the overall nutrition situation in India, the potential role that nutraceuticals could contribute, and the role that RTI International could play in this effort.”


"It was a superb event. So much to learn and share."


GM- Business Development, APAC at Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
"It was a great opportunity to participate and meet industries leader today in Nutrify India event organized at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. India is one of the key focus markets for Nutraceutical with the potential to achieve USD 100 billion opportunities for Nutrition supplements in India. Fuji Chemical Industry Co. Ltd is one of the exclusive partners of the international event organized by NUTRIFY C-SUITE SUMMIT 2022 today. Looking forward to more investment in the Indian Nutraceutical market"


Geet Aarora
"A Pharma entrepreneur developing nutritional Had the pleasure of attending NUTRIFY C-SUITE SUMMIT 2022 Events like these bring the industry together spark new ideas. Kudos to the organizing team. "


"Insights on Harnessing Innovation at NUTRIFY C-Suite Summit 2022. At Bio-gen Extracts, we are excited to discuss innovation as much as bringing our innovations to the world. This year, Salman Mehkri had the opportunity to present how Bio-gen Extracts harnesses the power of innovation across the nutraceutical value chain at the Nutrify C-Suite Summit 2022. Saif Mehkri, the Founder & Director of Bio-gen Extracts was also one of the judges in the Nutra Innovation Challenge. Overall, it was a great opportunity to showcase how Bio-gen Extracts is well positioned to help achieve the USD 100B goal for the nutraceutical industry in India. We look forward to the Nutrify C-Suite Summit 2023 "


"Today three of our colleagues, Dr. Pirthi Pal Singh, Dr. Narendra Tripathi & Mr. Amit Sakpal participated in the coveted NUTRIFY C-SUITE SUMMIT held in Mumbai. Dr. Pirthi Pal Singh gave a presentation on the topic "Role of Indian CDMO in Delivering High-Quality Nutraceuticals for the Global Market" while Dr. Narendra Tripathi was one of the prominent panelists. We thank them for their active participation and for representing Tirupati Group and our vision of being a global CDMO Leader in Nutraceuticals."


MY HEALTH Belgian Biotech Company
"Last week our Managing Director Raf Dybajlo was invited to Mumbai (India) for the NUTRIFY C-SUITE SUMMIT 2022 congress. Together with 4 other international companies, he had the opportunity to present MY HEALTH in an innovation pitch.
He presented the clinical study¹ with spore-forming bacteria for chronic stomach complaints, conducted by UZ Leuven in collaboration with MY HEALTH. And yes, it was a success. The 4-member jury crowned MY HEALTH the winner!
Thanks to this victory MY HEALTH will receive free coaching in order to conclude a contract with a leading Indian company within the year. This win marks an important step in our export story in India. "


"Dutch Medical Food On behalf of our partner Gencor at the NUTRIFY C-SUITE SUMMIT in India! A big thanks to the organizing committee for an excellent & inspiring event! "



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